Kennel V I G O R O S O

Name: Teija Viljanmaa
Address: Viitostie 1 A
88470 Kontiomäki, Finland
Mobile: +358 50 337 8873
Education: Pet attendant / Matriculation examination
Work:Training dogs and pupils in Kajaani's vocational school

1995     First Segugio Italianos (pelo forte) were imported to Finland
            from Italy: Leo della   Marciola and Lea della Marciola 

1996     Second import: Tania della Marciola and Vespa della Marciola

1998     Puppies in kennel Vigoroso (Vespa della Marciola - Leo della Marciola)

2000     Puppies in kennel Vigoroso (Vespa della Marciola - Leo della Marciola)

2001     Third import: Tosca di Pompiano, Bruno di Pontenizza, Lea di Pontenizza

2003     Puppies in kennel Nanuzzin ( Vigoroso Bellissimo - Bruno di Pontenizza)

2004     Puppies in kennel Vigoroso (Tosca di Pompiano - Bruno di Pontenizza)

2006     Puppies in kennel Vigoroso (Vigoroso Baronessa - Bruno di Pontenizza)

2007      Fourth import: Morina di Pompiano, Nero di Pompiano, Turbo di Pompiano,
(a pelo raso) and Tex.

2008     Puppies in kennel Vigoroso (Vigoroso Baronessa - Vigoroso Caporale)
            and (Vigoroso Combattente - Vigoroso Barbuto)

2009     Fifth import: Lara di Pompiano, Leda di Pompiano, Chira and Rol.

2010     Sixth import: Ledy di Pontenizza, Lea di Pontenizza and Brina di Pontenizza (a pelo    raso).

At the moment we have about 60 Segugio Italianos here in Finland.
V-98 Vespa della Marciola
Segugio Italianos have found their place here in Finland very well. Dogs are used for hunting hares and foxes. Because of their lightweight structure they are very durable and able to work for long days while hunting. Segugio Italianos's hunting style is fast and they usually have manysounded and melodious bay. Segugio Italianos here in Finland are social, temperamental, adaptable and intelligent dogs. We haven't had any hereditary illnesses in our population in Finland. Hip x-ray has been made for some dogs and all the results have been A.
 Bruno di Pontenizza
For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail or call my mobile.
 Teija Viljanmaa, Tanja Leinonen,
V-99 Vigoroso Approbatur and hare.

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